OneBizz and Solvinity create office cloud for SMBs

"It’s one thing to create great software, but properly introducing it to the market is something else."

The Azure hybrid Cloud Solution of Solvinity is one of the most important enablers for the OneBizz cloud proposition. In this Case Study you will learn more about the experience OneBizz had in coorporation with Solvinity reaching the unique Hybrid Cloud solution. 

“The new cloud isn’t about servers and data centers, it’s about managed services. This demands awareness of market trends and the willingness to respond to them - qualities we found in Solvinity. Other parties want you to dance to their tune, but we’re a Microsoft party and we want to use Azure. This was a deal breaker for many, but not for Solvinity, who even invested in gaining Azure expertise. It’s clear to them, too, that a new day has dawned and that the future revolves around the skills and service you can deliver.” 

Joop van Voorthuijsen, co-founder and CEO of Quattro Business Solutions (QBS group) and OneBizz

The advantages of the Solvinity Hybrid Cloud Service

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  • Guaranteed availability, stability and performance regarding Azure cloud with ExpressRoute
  • An incredibly scalable platform design, from 300 to 30,000 European users and more
  • 24/7 business SLA with Azure integration and end user monitoring
  • “Stateless server”: Desired State Configuration (DSC) across multiple clouds
  • Rollout of new Azure servers/services in 5 minutes based on DSC
  • Full Microsoft certification

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