Integrated Delivery offers Zig Websoftware a shorter time-to-market

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ZIG is building a platform for the future

To a new and scalable business model

Zig Websoftware is a developer of internet software for housing associations. Until recently, the company created tailored solutions for every customer, but needed to be able to produce affordable and scalable solutions based on a standard platform.

In close cooperation with the Zig engineers, Solvinity helped to develop a scalable, secure and highly reliable platform. By doing so, Solvinity, that has been Zig’s hosting partner for many years, has now made a very significant contribution to the development of a new business model that will support Zig Websoftware well into the future.

The development of the new Zig platform was powered by Solvinity’s unique Integrated Delivery approach. This combination of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and DevOps was developed by Solvinity to service organizations where development and operations are separated, as in the partnership between Zig (Dev) and Solvinity (Ops). Integrated Delivery has brought Zig higher quality (thanks to integrated testing), time savings on management, shorter time-to-market and lower cost through higher efficiency. Read more about this process in our Integrated Delivery whitepaper.

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