FRISS - a superfast, stable and secure platform for fraud detection

With the business intelligence software of the fast-growing and international company FRISS, insurance companies can quickly detect fraud and consequently avoid considerable costs. The enormous amount of confidential data and fluctuating load require a fast, stable and secure IT environment. Managed Hosting Security and Cloud solutions from Solvinity offer the required resolution.

Achieving goals with a reliable IT partner

Suspicious transactions and fraudsters pose a significant challenge for insurance companies daily. But with FRISS software, businesses can quickly detect fraud and manage risks based on smart algorithms and big data analysis. Doing so, they manage to realise enormous cost and time savings.

FRISS gains insights from terabytes of raw data from external data sources. Per declaration, a “FRISS Score” is generated to assess fraud risk: the lower this score, the lower the risk of fraud. The company is ambitious and growing fast: with implementation in 35 countries since their start in 2006, they are well on their way to achieving their goal: the FRISS Score as a worldwide standard for fair insurance.

With the enormous amount of data, it is a challenge for FRISS to create and maintain a fast, stable and secure environment. Indeed, a challenge for which Solvinity enters the case.

Fast, stable and secure

FRISS analyses an enormous amount of confidential data, which can fluctuate in size. That puts a heavy weight on their IT environment. Data must be handled fast and stable every day. Moreover, security is king for the software company, both to keep data safe and its controlled processing secure. Solvinity has what it takes to support FRISS in their challenge and to promote their process of further growth. 

Additional reasons why FRISS chose Solvinity as a partner:

  • Partnership
  • Certifications
  • Proof of Concept performance
  • The connection between FRISS employees and Solvineers

Solvinity has offered Managed Hosting to FRISS since 2016. The FRISS software runs in the Solvinity Private Cloud. FRISS is currently making a move to the Microsoft Azure public cloud with the help of Solvinity.

“Fortunately, Solvinity is used to heavy loads and fluctuating environments. They make sure that capacity is always sufficient, while at the same time our SaaS solution functions as cheaply as possible.”
Christian van Leeuwen

The results

By choosing Solvinity, FRISS opted for a secure, fast and stable IT environment as the basis for their business model. This environment is:

  • Scalable & flexible: more or less load quickly results in a capacity switch.
  • Fast & stable: users of the platform demand for the best performance, every day.
  • Secure & compliant: privacy-sensitive data is well protected and carefully handled.

Through Cloud Billing, Solvinity also ensures sufficient capacity for FRISS’ SaaS solution, while omitting unnecessary resources to cut costs to function as cheaply as possible at the same time. This way, the solution remains feasible and affordable.

Download the FRISS case study

FRISS attachts insurance fraud with Solvinity

Read more about our partnership with FRISS and how we keep their SaaS application fast, reliable and safe. Download the full case study here.

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