How ONVZ regained control over IT with the help of Solvinity

It turned out to be increasingly difficult for health insurer ONVZ to keep up with technological developments and to comply with their IT with the progressively strict legislation. IT Outsourcing and Managed IT Services from Solvinity offered the future-proof solution that ONVZ was looking for.

Up to date with the right IT partner

For many years ONVZ worked with its own data centres and self-built systems. Gradually, it became clear that legislation and regulators were imposing increasingly stricter requirements concerning the security, availability and flexibility of systems. Also, maintaining knowledge and keeping their IT environment up-to-date was part of their to-do list as well.

Hence, when ONVZ wanted to offer its customers the opportunity to handle insurance matters online using the ONVZ app and website but lacked the in-house expertise to develop and maintain services, it was time for help. Solvinity offered a helping hand.

IT Outsourcing, Managed Security, Cloud & Workspace Services

Since 2016, most of ONVZ’s IT environment has moved to the Solvinity Private Cloud. Solvinity is responsible for hardware and storage management. Partner Axians provides local network management. Application management has remained in the hands of the insurer.

What’s more, six infrastructure managers from ONVZ have become Solvineers. An excellent example of how the knife cuts two sides: Solvinity was growing and precisely looking for the technical knowledge which became superfluous at the insurer. ONVZ, on the other hand, was assured a part of the knowledge with their new partner.

In 2019, the contract was extended by three years, and the first steps towards the public cloud were taken. One of Solvinity’s Public Cloud consultants is on location weekly to brainstorm about innovations and the infrastructural organization.

“The strength of Solvinity is that they listen to their customers and think ahead, but above, that they are very service-oriented. I would definitely recommend Solvinity to other companies. In fact, I've done that a few times”
Jolanda Stevens
former IT manager at ONVZ

The results

  • Security & compliance: with the right certification and measures, compliance and security of the often confidential (medical personal) data is guaranteed.
  • A stable & future-proof IT infrastructure: the transfer of the IT environment and management to Solvinity created space for innovation and ONVZ is ready for the future.
  • Specialist knowledge & sufficient capacity: the permanent customer team at Solvinity is thoroughly familiar with ONVZ’s business and IT environment and keeps its knowledge up to date


The agreement helped ONVZ regain control of its IT environment: ONVZ changed from an organisation which did everything itself to a management organisation which can look to the future and innovate.

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