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Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Safe, sound and compliant

Security could very well be the biggest theme of the moment. The dangers of DDoS-attacks, phishing and other forms of hacking are a top concern for many organizations. Security is a serious matter to us, so much so that it is our starting point for every solution we develop. We even have our own method to secure your information: the Secure Digital Communications Service

Infographic Cybercrime & Security

This infographic shows the top threats in cloud computing and the six design principles for our security solutions. 

Solvinity Infographic Cybercrime and SecurityWe make sure your data, technology, and processes are compliant. And we practice what we preach: we’re certified and audited on a regular basis by KPMG and BSI Management Systems, among others. When it comes to security, you have nothing to worry about when you’re working with us.

Feel free to pick our brains on security and compliance issues, no strings attached.

Customer caseCustomer case

How does Solvinity build a secure, safe IT-structure?

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