Security & Compliancy

Certifications and audits

Certifications and audits

Certifications and audits

Security, privacy and processes are under heavy scrutiny. International organizations but also official monitors in the Netherlands like AFM, NMa, DNB or CBP are constantly raising the bar when it comes to rules and regulations. Companies and organizations have to work harder than ever in order to be compliant. The providers you work with are held to the same standards, especially when it comes to IT.  

For Solvinity, compliancy is a non-issue. We work hard to make sure our affairs are in order. We’re certified in multiple fields and pass our KPMG and BSI Management audits, among others, with flying colors. Our most important certifications are:

  • Data management operations: ISAE3402/SOC2
  • Information security: ISO/IEC27001
  • Information security in health care: NEN7510
  • Environmental management: ISO14001:2004
  • Quality management: ISO 9001:2015

Security is serious business. You can trust your business is safe and secure with us. 

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