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Information security

Information security

Information security is our starting point

Most of our customers work with highly sensitive information. The Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, for example, Trans Link Systems (public transport passes) or the ING bank. They’re all organizations dealing with a continuous stream of customer data in huge volumes, as well as legal information and banking information. To us, that means security isn’t a service on the side, but the starting point to every solution we create.

We start off by hosting your data on our own private platform: a network of five reliable data centers across the Netherlands. It enables us to be in complete control and take immediate action when necessary. Your IT environment is protected by our Secure Digital Communications Solution.  Furthermore, we invest in internal processes and procedures, making sure your organization and your data is always secure and compliant.


'We're part of the largest IT Infrastructures in The Netherlands'

Jeroen van der Meer - CTO

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