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Secure Digital Communications Solution

Secure Digital Communications Service

Permanent control over all your organisation's data traffic

In recent years, cybercrime has become a successful business model, with the media regularly reporting on DDoS attacks, advanced malware, economic espionage and data theft. An attack disrupts operational processes, threatens clients and damages reputations. Point solutions, such as firewalls and virus scanners, no longer provide adequate protection. The solution that Solvinity offers comes in the form of a total scan of the incoming and outgoing electronic traffic, consisting of e-mail, browsing, (web) applications and access to the cloud, with the users hardly noticing any delay.

The Solvinity Secure Digital Communications Service (SDCS) filters all an organisation's digital traffic against harmful content and targeted attacks. SDCS, offered as SaaS solution, checks for irregularities, deviations, known threats, combined threats and even scans for advanced, as yet unknown threats. All security related information is logged for trend analysis, further research and, in some cases, to run down the perpetrators for possible prosecution. The service will recognise, among other things:

  • DDoS-attacks
  • Spam
  • Malware
  • Virussus
  • Data theft
  • Identity fraud
  • Hacking

SDCS is offered in three variants: Detect, Defend en Resolve.

The Detect service reports threats to the client's internal security team, who will take the issue further. The Defend service also offers direct and automated measures against identified hazards, and the Resolve service provides structured solutions by, for example, adapting the underlying policies, settings and rules. The latter and most extensive service takes away all the concerns about data traffic protection, up to a root cause analysis (RCA) and a forensic investigation. 

The Secure Digital Communications Service is a complete Dutch solution, developed by Solvinity together with SecureLink. Solvinity provides services to, among others, the Dutch government (e.g. the Ministries of Security and Justice, General Affairs, and the Interior and Kingdom Relations), banks and insurance companies (e.g. ING, Nationale Nederlanden, Rabobank) and the business world (e.g. Ahold, ANP, Trans Link Systems).

The advantages of SDCS:

  • Protection of all your digital communication according to the latest techniques and insights by highly qualified security staff
  • Protection of your clients, staff and partners
  • Protection of your productivity and business continuity
  • Protection against damages to reputation
  • Protection against financial damage
  • Protection against legal accountability (compliance)

SDCS is relevant for medium to large organisations, from 100 employees up to enterprise level. The users of this service will receive a complete overview of their security status, based on collected security-related logs and audits, digital traffic flows, user data and application data. The Secure Digital Communications Service will run in a Tier III data centre, provided with all types of professional and optimised means to safeguard hosting, security, connectivity (default 1 Mbps) and performance. The service meets the ISO 27001 requirements, operates around the clock, fully supports IPv6 and has a technical uptime of 99.9%.

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