Cloud Infrastructure crucial to ISVs

The SaaS model offers ISVs many opportunities, but at the same time requires a vision on infrastructure, security and migrations. Pieter Kuijer explains this.

Shift-left Security with ‘Stretched’ DevSecOps

Whether it is a pandemic, a new emerging technology, or sudden developments in the market: organisations want to be able to respond quickly. That is why more and more organisations are switching to ways in which to develop applications directly in the public cloud: cloud-native software development.

Municipalities work better in the cloud

With an workspace in the cloud from an secure managed service provider, municipalities have control over the entire chain from workspace to application management.

Municipalities cannot digitise on their own

In a few years 80% percent of all applications used by municipalities will be available from the cloud. How do you integrate all those applications in the cloud in a secure way?

4 requirements for security awareness

More than 70% of all information security incidents are still caused by our own employees. How do you make employees aware of the risks of cybercrime and their own role in preventing incidents? Dennie Spreewenberg from Awaretrain explains.

The 5 Layers of the Hybrid Workspace

Hybrid working as some call it, is here to stay. So how should the digital workspace be set up to facilitate this? Architect & product owner Danny Vosman discusses this according to the 5 layers of the digital workspace.

Beware of Kubernetes Pets

Beware of treating Kubernetes like pets

In practice we see that different Kubernetes clusters are treated as Pets. That is precisely what we want to stop doing. Read why in this blog.