Your own Cloud Landing Zone

No doubt you already have a very good idea of your future cloud strategy, but how do you take the next step? You’re facing all kinds of questions, such as elaborating and implementing new developments, migrating existing applications to the cloud, and maximising the potential advantages that the cloud has to offer. For the answers to these kinds of questions, rely on Cloud Design. 

Qualified Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers

The biggest challenge when rolling out a cloud strategy is finding the right people and in-depth expertise. No problem, as our Cloud Architects and Cloud Engineers are ready to help your organisation with the design, supervision and implementation of complex projects. If you want your application or environment to be SOC 2 certified immediately, we can also guide you to make sure it happens. 



The possibilities of Cloud Design & Implementation

Your IT strategy requires a thorough approach. We therefore tailor-make with you what the best approach is and what expertise you need for maximum results. 

We have several methods with which we can help you: 

Cloud Landing Zone

Take the first step into the cloud by landing applications gently on a solid base. The Cloud Landing Zone is available either as a generic or tailor-made solution.

Cloud Migrations

Migrate your applications in the correct order and in the right way. We evaluate the existing application landscape, and implement your cloud migration.

Advanced Security & Compliance

If your organisation has additional security and compliance requirements, our experts can also provide you with guidance, tools and expertise, including assistance in obtaining SOC 2 certification.

Integrated Delivery for CI/CD

Does your organisation develop its own software? Improve the quality of your services faster. Let us guide your team in setting up or optimising a CI/CD pipeline to reduce the time-to-market and give you an edge over the competition.


Always know where you stand

A clear process prevents unpleasant surprises, so we keep you continuously updated about every step in the process during design and implementation. We’re the partner that takes you onboard and devises scenarios with you. We draw up inventories, analyse, informe, advise and evaluate together, with us at your side. Our approach is based on the Cloud Adoption Framework.  

Cloud Adoption Roadmap

Consultancy & Assessments

We go through your organisation's cloud strategy during workshops to make sure we understand each other properly. 


After the workshops, we devise the roadmap to your new strategy. This is used as the basis for the backlog. 

Design & Deploy

We design and deploy the landing zone fully automatically. We cover the following subjects: IAM, connectivity, security, cost management, and operations. 


The next step is to migrate the workloads to your new landing zone. 

Management Process

Within your cloud environment’s management process, we set out how we monitor costs and meet compliance and security requirements.


We regularly evaluate the environment, and draw up an action plan for possible improvements. 

Innovation Workshops

We regularly organise innovation workshops to examine how your organisation can benefit from new cloud innovations.  


Why is Solvinity the right partner?

Because working with Solvinity means you can rely on our long history of designing and implementing infrastructures with high levels of availability and security. We believe in long-term relationships. Our Cloud Consultants are open and honest, and willing to share their expertise and vision. This advice is always supported by hard facts, and based on what the consultants consider to be the best solution for your needs. Our certification, as well as our people and our culture of knowledge development, knowledge assurance, and knowledge sharing, reflect how deeply our knowledge and experience are anchored.  

Get to work with Cloud Design?

Transform your cloud strategy with Solvinity’s Cloud Design, without headaches, leaving you free to focus on your digital future.

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