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Do your data, IT infrastructure and communication require optimum security? Solvinity offers the solution: Managed Security Services.


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IT solutions keep growing in complexity day by day. As such, cybersecurity provides an increasing challenge. For that reason we offer additional Managed Security Services, on top of our standard services, for a better night’s sleep. We offer an additional shield to both protect and optimise your IT environment for you to benefit from secure, reliable and future-oriented technology. Even when confronted with the high demands of business-critical applications. Our security services can be divided into three phases: prevention, detection and recovery. Also, we offer supplementary services to promote compliance. In 2021 Solvinity acquired a majority share in Securify, specialist in agile security, pentesting and red teaming. This makes us the first and only managed service provider in the Netherlands to offer these services to customers.


Identification & protection

Managed Security Services are based on the principle of identification of and protection against cyberattacks and include: 

Security Awareness Service

This service helps your employees to become more aware of information technology, in order to increase the resilience of your organisation.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

A complementary protection unit which prevents exploitation of system vulnerabilities by cybercriminals.

DDoS Protection Service

This service has been mainly developed to ward off massive DDoS attacks 24/7.


Detection & Response

Proactive detection and adequate response to external attacks are dealt with in the second phase of Managed Security Services. This process includes:

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

We detect the vulnerabilities in your systems which we subsequently arm against external risks 24/7.

Vulnerability Management

We provide you with full insight into your IT environment and the current vulnerabilities in your systems. Next, we solve them for you.



In case a calamity occurs, we ensure your business will stay up and running, employing:

Disaster recovery

We draft and implement a plan, including proved measures and fallback scenarios tailored to your organisation. We identify any damage and recover services.



Our compliance services are an extension of our Management Security Services. These additional services include:

Log management

We register all activity within your systems and store this data for a prolonged period. The user-friendly dashboard provides you with immediate insights and analytics. Log management facilitates the collection of evidence required for audits.

Proof of SOC2

We arrange a SOC2 Assurance Report in case your organisation has to provide auditors with empirical proof to achieve SOC2 compliance.

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Security starts at the foundation
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In our work as an IT services provider we strive for a secure digital future. You might ask yourself if this is still possible in a time in which even the most amateurish cyber criminal can cause great damage to organisations. Our answer is ‘Yes!’. Together with our customers we do everything we can to create a solid basis for a healthy digital future. And that starts with the foundation.

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