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Ensure business continuity under all circumstances? With Lango Workspace by Solvinity you can. This ready-made workspace solution provides efficiency, productivity and convenience for the optimum performance of all your employees.



Go for maximum efficiency with Lango Workspace by Solvinity. Employees are given direct access to the apps and information they need for an effective workday. This workspace solution provides the ideal environment for high productivity, smooth teamwork and business continuity. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Workspace in the cloud, based on Office 365
Central portal that provides access to all your applications, from legacy to SaaS
Expert support and advice from the Lango Coach
Maximum control and easy data and device management


Always access


Productivity depends on accessibility. A central portal and single sign-on makes it easy for all your employees to access all business applications, tools and information they need. All from one browser. The intuitive and personal workspace makes it easy to work together safely. In short, optimal focus in an optimal working environment:

SaaS and legacy applications anytime, anywhere, through one central location
Single sign-on for all cloud- and on-premises services and applications
Easy teamworking for swift results
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The 11 most important features
of the Lango Portal

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A quick start

Do you need a fast and smooth transition? No problem. Our best practices ensure a standardised and predictable transition. In no time, we will help your employees to make the most of their new working environment, using the proven technology of Microsoft Office 365, the intuitive design and advice from our Lango Coach.

Solid preparation with workshops and an assessment
Smooth transition through a standardised approach
Lango Coach for advice and support
Annual inspiration sessions


Everything Under Control

Remote work requires a different approach in terms of security. The cloud-based workspace technology and our Secure Managed IT Services give you effortless control over devices and data. Onboarding of employees, upscaling and management have never been easier. You can rely on:

High availability
Strong performance
Best possible user experience
Predictable operational costs

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