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Securing your IT environment from the base

Need to protect your business against cyber-attacks? Identification and protection are the keys with which we lock the doors to your virtual system. Solvinity identifies the internal and external risk factors of your organisation to take appropriate measures and protect your critical infrastructure. Everything for a carefree and secure IT environment.



Identification of IT-risks

Systems, data, resources and people represent risks to your IT security, which is why our Solvineers kick off with risk identification. We map your organisation and pinpoint critical resources, systems and their cybersecurity risks. This all results in a clear overview of current threats which allows you to focus on priorities: your cybersecurity risk management strategy and additional organisational needs.


IT protection

Have the risks been detected? The right precautions enable us to limit or prevent the impact of a potential cybersecurity attack. We uncover technical solutions to increase security and level up on the resistance of your systems. Not to mention, raising awareness among your staff, as well as recording processes and procedures, adds up to a secure basis for your IT environment.

DDoS Protection Service

Our data centres are equipped with DDoS protection. Extending this protection to targeted attacks on your customer environment guarantees well-functioning online services. Even in the event of the most severe attack.

Intrusion Prevention & Detection

We detect the vulnerabilities in your systems and arm them 24/7 against external risks. An extra lock on the door of your IT-system for a good night’s sleep.

“As a health insurance company we have and want to adhere to many privacy rules. Solvinity has the right certificates that regulators require from you, but also the right measures and means to offer us that safety.”
Jolanda Stevens
toenmalig IT-manager, ONVZ

How ONVZ regained control over IT with the help of Solvinity

It turned out to be increasingly difficult for health insurer ONVZ to keep up with technological developments and to comply with their IT with the progressively strict legislation. IT Outsourcing and Managed IT Services from Solvinity offered the future-proof solution that ONVZ was looking for.

Security by Design white paper

Security starts at the foundation
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In our work as an IT services provider we strive for a secure digital future. You might ask yourself if this is still possible in a time in which even the most amateurish cyber criminal can cause great damage to organisations. Our answer is ‘Yes!’. Together with our customers we do everything we can to create a solid basis for a healthy digital future. And that starts with the foundation.

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