Integration & management

One partner, responsible for operational quality.

The larger your IT environment, the more parties involved, and the more difficult it becomes to manage quality towards the end-user. That is where we come in. With our Service Integration & Management (SIAM), we maintain quality for you. From management and collaboration with suppliers to the integration of new initiatives, we’ve got your back. SIAM allows you to focus on performance and results, precisely the way it’s supposed to be.


Carefree IT Management

Let your service integrator keep track of daily management of IT service providers. One central point of contact where all external IT services meet. Fast, outstanding quality and highly flexible. Carefree SIAM includes:

Excellence in everything that has to do with your IT
Act faster within the IT chain
Shift your focus from control to innovation


Contractual or Operational

With excellent control over IT services, we coordinate your needs as a customer and service providers’ offerings. Accordingly, we not only manage the parties involved, but we also help you integrate new initiatives. Opt for contractual and operational responsibility at Solvinity. What’s the difference?

Contractual responsibility

We act as the client on your behalf. We take over current contracts. We do not only report agreement and obligations in agreements but also contracts, such as SLAs, which we monitor for you and on which we report to you.

Operational responsibility

Your IT services are maintained and monitored in whole or in part. We establish cooperation with partners in an Operational Level Agreement. We implement the agreements and procedures based on this agreement.


Active policy, clear goals
and a reliable co-pilot

The stronger your policy, the better the control over your IT. Especially when flying with a reliable co-pilot. Our co-pilot, the Service Integration Manager (SIM), integrates supply and demand. The SIM acts for both you, as a customer, and all suppliers, including Solvinity. The quality of service to the end-user is crucial. That implies:

Timely, continuous and adequate delivery of your IT services
Strict focus on constant improvement of services, service levels and associated processes
Monitoring and management of various contract agreements with third parties
Preservation of quality of operation as well as cooperation between different IT suppliers

Ready to get started with
Service Integration and Management?

Quality and overview clear the road for growth. Leave service integration and management to Solvinity. Focus on your policy and set clear goals for the future. Curious?
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