Optimal performance and control, transparant and well-structured
Do you want optimal performance, reliability of your applications and 24/7 access for your users? Managed Application Services ensures that your applications are always available, secured and provided with the latest updates. All you need to do is focus on your core business.

Via our Service Management System, Managed Application Services offer you optimal insight into all calls and requests. It allows you to maintain control of your IT environment and track status at any time.


Managed Hosting

Opt for unburdening and have your applications managed by a specialist. 


No more time spent on purchasing, management, security and lifecycle management of your infrastructure, middleware, databases or your business applications. It’s on us now.

Optimisation and innovation

Stay up-to-date and ready for innovation with our focus on your IT environment.


Do you want to pass the annual audit without any problems? Our Security & Compliance department helps you out.


Benefit from extra capacity with a new project or more horsepower under your business application in the blink of an eye and without losing a minute.


Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery

We implement changes in an orderly manner and according to the OTAP model (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production). Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) provides you with the possibility to have new functionalities tested and implemented automatically within your application. 

Increasing quality improvement through advanced error reduction
Shorter time-to-market

Other services


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