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Prepared for attacks and practively avert them
Looking for a proactive and adequate response to cybersecurity attacks? Save yourself the hassle and let our Solvineers do the job. A fresh set of eyes in your IT-landscape provides you with extra security and a good night’s sleep.


Finding and fixing cybersecurity risks

Early detection of attacks within your IT environment? Our Detect-service is on time. We recognize abnormal events and estimate impact. We also monitor whether current protective measures are adequate or whether additional steps are required. In case of appropriate action, the Respond-service is called in. Following this process, you are ensured that your IT environment experiences minimal inconvenience when subject to an attack.
Intrusion Detection & Prevention

We detect the vulnerabilities in your systems and arm them 24/7 against external risks. An extra lock on the door of your IT-system for a good night’s sleep.

Vulnerability Management

We provide you with full insight into your IT environment and current system vulnerabilities. And we solve these together.

“For our customers we process a lot of data through our platform, including personal data. Security is in fact the most important thing, also for our customers, to keep this data safe and processed in a controlled manner.”
Christian van Leeuwen

A lightning-fast, stable and secure platform for optimum fraud detection at FRISS

With the business intelligence software of the fast-growing and international company FRISS, insurance companies can quickly detect fraud and consequently avoid considerable costs. The enormous amount of confidential data and fluctuating load require a fast, stable and secure IT environment. Managed Hosting Security and Cloud solutions from Solvinity offer the required resolution.

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Security starts at the foundation
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In our work as an IT services provider we strive for a secure digital future. You might ask yourself if this is still possible in a time in which even the most amateurish cyber criminal can cause great damage to organisations. Our answer is ‘Yes!’. Together with our customers we do everything we can to create a solid basis for a healthy digital future. And that starts with the foundation.

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