Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
Are you looking for day-to-day implementation for your product development? Our CI/CD-service will change your world. Short cycles and sharp time-to-market metrics allow you to maintain your competitive edge in a rapidly shifting market. Turn months into days with CI/CD.
“Thanks to CI / CD and Solvinity's Integrated Delivery, the development process has become much more flexible.”
Esther Rozendaal
Account and Supplier manager, CJIB
Continuous Delivery


Continuous Delivery for efficiency

No longer being dependent on a hosting party for performing application updates? Solvinity offers the solution. Continuous Integration and Delivery guarantees that updates to your applications will now be implemented automatically and after thorough testing. CI/CD presents you with fewer risks, higher quality and lower costs. Minimise errors and maximize output.

Additional benefits CI/CD

Better product quality

CI/CD allows you to work with smaller batches. More feedback and interim tests, with the features but without the costs and time involved in full construction.

Faster time-to-market

Integration and test/fix phases used to take weeks or months. With CI/CD that’s history. Lead time is shortened to just days.

Happier teams

Continuous Delivery is a stress reliever for your software development team. Teams can interact more frequently with their users and updates can be reviewed and adjusted quickly.

“Few parties can do this. This model is the solution for continuing to deliver high-quality solutions in the future.”
Gerbert Kooij
Managing Director, Zig Websoftware

Zig becomes SaaS vendor with a secure and scalable platform

Zig Web software ensures housing associations of smart and effective collaboration, both with their customers and with each other. How do they achieve that goal? Through innovative web applications. To get from customised solutions to a standardised platform, they asked Solvinity for support.

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