Zig becomes SaaS vendor with a secure and scalable platform

Zig Web software ensures housing associations of smart and effective collaboration, both with their customers and with each other. How do they achieve that goal? Through innovative web applications. In order to get from customised solutions to a standardised platform, they asked Solvinity for support.

Flexibility, freedom and market expansion

Software developer Zig was looking for more flexibility and freedom. Where the company previously provided custom solutions to individual customers, the need grew to produce scalable and affordable solutions based on a standard platform more quickly. Within four years, Zig transformed from a traditional project organisation into an innovative SaaS service provider. 

Together with Solvinity, Zig developed a cloud-centric strategy that has made the organisation many times more efficient, as a result of which Zig has created space for market expansion and innovation. Solvinity was able to provide a suitable solution through Managed Security, Cloud & Application Services with CI/CD.

Managed Security, Cloud & Application Services with CI/CD

In close cooperation with the Zig engineers, the Solvineers developed a scalable, secure and highly reliable platform, named Hexia. This has enabled Zig to develop a new business model and change from a project to a future-proof product organisation.

The Zig platform was created through Integrated Delivery. This customised combination of CI/CD and DevOps was especially developed for organisations in which development and operations function as separate entities. Which, indeed, was the case of Zig (Dev) and Solvinity (Ops).

Solvinity is a very flexible party that is willing to invest time and energy in ambitious projects to bring them to a successful conclusion together.
CTO - Zig Websoftware

A future-proof platform

Solvinity delivered a proprietary, stable, secure and scalable SaaS-platform which has resulted in:

  • Time-to-market and scaling from weeks to minutes
  • 25% increase in turnover due to cost savings, higher efficiency and market expansion
  • Market expansion to commercial real estate

The benefits of the collaboration with Solvinity for Zig

Unburdening: 24/7 service, essential for their customers, outsourced to a partner with extensive knowledge about the organisation
Scale as a competitive advantage
A partner who thinks along with them

Download the case study of Zig web software

Zig Web software and Flexibility and freedom

Would you like to know more about how to build a future-proof platform for scalable and affordable solutions ? Download the full case study here.

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