Developing software in a safe, stable working environment

Independent Software Vendors are developing their software more and more frequently on public cloud platforms. Similarly, developments such as Infrastructure-as-Code and vice versa require a new way of programming, with a stable, safe working environment being an important requirement in this respect. As an organisation or department, you want to be able to offer new functionality to your customers and users faster, safer and with more flexibility.
We will help you do this.

Independent Software Vendors


Greater speed, safety and flexibility

The need for secure, fast platforms to develop software on requires a reliable partner to support you in this. With ‘Security by Design’ in our DNA, we have been monitoring the IT landscape of companies, organisations and governments, as well as software developers, for many years. Whether you are already familiar with the use of containers and microservices or still need to serve many customers on your own platform, we provide a transparent IT ecosystem, with a road map leading to the best platform tailored to each application. Opt for Solvinity and focus entirely on your core business: developing applications quickly and smoothly.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Instantly develop and deliver your software and new functionality. This is possible with CI/CD.

Managed Security Services

Compliant at all times and ultimate security of communication, data and IT infrastructures. From preventing and identifying attacks to analysing and repairing them.

Stretched DevOps

As a development team, we make sure that everything lands perfectly on the platform, which we do side by side by means of intensive collaboration with the developers.

Managed Hosting & Outsourcing

Hassle-free outsourcing of your IT, in whole or in part, with Managed Hosting & Outsourcing. All systems and applications available at all times, secure and under control.

A single customer team

Your IT environment will be managed by a dedicated permanent customer team that really knows your organisation, with the focus lying on smooth transition and delivery.


All invoices in a single overview and payment according to consumption. CloudBilling offers you the necessary control and insight.

“Fortunately, Solvinity is used to heavy loads and fluctuating environments. They make sure that capacity is always sufficient, while at the same time our SaaS solution functions as cheaply as possible.”

A lightning-fast, stable and secure platform for optimum fraud detection at FRISS

With the business intelligence software of the fast-growing and international company FRISS, insurance companies can quickly detect fraud and consequently avoid considerable costs. The enormous amount of confidential data and fluctuating load require a fast, stable and secure IT environment. Managed Hosting Security and Cloud solutions from Solvinity offer the required resolution.

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"Solvinity is a very flexible party that is willing to invest time and energy in ambitious projects to bring them to a successful conclusion together."
CTO - Zig Websoftware

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Software and new functionality through our continuous integration/continuous delivery. Download our CI/CD white paper discover how the software release model Integrated Delivery can help you