FRISS is scaling in the public cloud worldwide

Less and less fraudsters are managing to con insurance companies. By unleashing smart algorithms onto big data, insurers are increasing their chances of catching fraudsters using the software of FRISS, both during the acceptance process and in the case of notices of claim. What you need for this is a stable, scalable infrastructure that also complies with strict security and compliance requirements. 

Ambitions and challenges

  • Ambition to continue to be the industry leader internationally 
  • Accelerated rollout of new environments and migration from private to public cloud 
  • Standardisation and automation of implementation and administrative work in cloud environments 
  • Increasing security, privacy and compliance requirements 


  • Managed IT services in private and public clouds in multiple regions 
  • Stretched DevOps 
  • Next-gen firewall integration with the appropriate security features 
  • Azure SaaS/PaaS services  


Scalable, cost-efficient, flexible infrastructure
Secure, compliant environments
Smooth collaboration
Improved cloud integrations

From a stable private cloud to international public cloud in cooperation with Solvinity

‘We are on a mission to make insurance policies more fair’, says Christian van Leeuwen, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of FRISS. Based in Utrecht, this vendor provides insurers in the Netherlands and abroad with smart software that identifies fraudulent claims, analyses risks at the port and ensures compliance 24/7.

Data of insurers is continuously analysed by FRISS. The company gains insights from the terabytes of raw data using smart algorithms, which generate a FRISS score for each notice. This score subsequently indicated the risk of potential fraud, on the basis of which the insurer can decide whether to investigate cases further or to deal with them quickly. 

This working method is successful, because the company is growing fast. After a flying start in the Netherlands, FRISS has expanded rapidly into Europe since 2012. In 2017, this was followed by a multi-million investment in global growth, which they achieved in the years thereafter. 

External expertise

Due to the huge amount of data, it was a challenge for FRISS to create and maintain a fast, stable and secure environment. That is why FRISS has been cooperating with Solvinity since 2016. The company was chosen, among other reasons, due to the predisposition to partnership building that Solvinity displays, its in-depth knowledge of IT management with a focus on compliance and security and the way in which the IT employees of both organisations clicked with each other. 

During the first few years, the FRISS platform ran on a private cloud environment but FRISS wanted to switch to the public cloud to realise its growth ambitions. This switch was a condition for further international expansion, because it offers the cost-efficient scalability that is necessary to continue FRISS’s rapid growth. 

That was easier said than done, according to Van Leeuwen. “It’s hard to make the move to public cloud if a customer base is still primarily running in the private cloud and you want to cause them as little inconvenience as possible. What’s more, a public cloud requires attention to implement it in a secure and future-proof way. For example, the costs can rise rapidly if you don’t set up the public cloud environment properly.’ 

“At Solvinity the desire is always there to do this together with us. There is a good click on a human level and we also have that harmonisation on a strategic, tactical and operational level."
Christian van leeuwen
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder - FRISS

Full attention to security

Full attention had to be given to security in the migration to the public cloud, as FRISS works with sensitive data from insurers. FRISS turned to Solvinity once again for this. In addition to such certifications as ISAE 3402, ISO 14001 and PCI DSS, Solvinity is also the first MSP in the Netherlands to be SOC 1 and 2 certified for Microsoft Azure Cloud’s management environment.

Solvinity worked with FRISS to create a stable public cloud infrastructure that is scalable without compromising either security or compliance. Although a few of FRISS’s existing clients still run on private or hybrid environments, all its new clients worldwide now run on Azure.

“We chose Solvinity as a partner because of their expertise in such fields as the technical maintenance of the infrastructure, security and governance.”
Christian van leeuwen
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder - FRISS

No lack of ambition

Following the investment it made in 2017, FRISS now has a firm foothold in North America. This move into a new continent, combined with the rapidly-changing security and compliance world, presents new challenges. For example, FRISS has to deal with much more stringent security assessments for clients nowadays. To do this, they rely on Solvinity’s proven expertise in keeping complex environments demonstrably secure and compliant.

The use of Azure is not the final destination of FRISS’s technological journey. In 2021, the company took over the US company Terrene Labs to further consolidate its service provision in this market. However, Terrene runs 100% on AWS. Multi-cloud is therefore a new and urgent issue. Van Leeuwen is optimistic: “We are very pleased with our cooperation with Solvinity. We continue to challenge each other and Solvinity tackles from the perspective of a partnership, not purely as a supplier.” 

That means we are also looking for new ways of working together. In 2021, for example, ‘Stretched DevOps’ was launched, where Solvineers cooperate in the FRISS teams. This resulted, among other things, in the more effective implementation of container technology within Azure as well as greater automation of repetitive tasks. If it is up to Van Leeuwen, this partnership with Solvinity will ultimately lead to Tokyo. ‘Our aim is that the FRISS Score will become the industry standard by about 2025. After expanding into America, it’s Asia’s turn next. When we achieve that goal, we’ll crack open the champagne.’ 

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From a stable private cloud to an international public cloud

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