Cloud Consulting

Prepare your organisation today for the challenges of tomorrow

How future-proof is your IT strategy? Do you use the latest systems to guarantee maximum security for your data, or are legacy systems still responsible for your most critical business processes? Is your team onboard with the latest developments, or are they struggling to keep up? If your IT strategy is outdated, then you’re at risk. To free your organisation from this risk and continue to respond to changing challenges and ambitions in a future-proof way, refine your IT strategy with Solvinity’s Cloud Consultants.  

Strategic Cloud Consulting

The first step in a digital transformation is to draw up a long-term IT strategy. Rely on Cloud Consulting’s vision and expertise to map out the route to a future-proof IT environment. The result? A strategy in which your organisation’s continuity and agility are prioritised, and cloud resources utilised to the maximum.  


Journey to the Cloud

Are you at the beginning of your journey to the Cloud? With a thorough approach, we form a solid foundation from which we jointly build your IT strategy. What the best approach is and what expertise you need for maximum results differs per organisation and we therefore tailor it to you. 

We have several methods with which we can help you: 

Cloud Fundamentals Session

During this interactive workshop we map out the needs of your organisation and you build up the desired knowledge to be able to make the most important choices.

Cloud Strategy Workshops

In a number of workshops we map out the objectives of going to the Cloud and we design a roadmap for Cloud adoption.

Global Business Case

With the Cloud adoption roadmap you gain insight into the costs and benefits of the transition to the cloud, so that there are no financial surprises.


Maximum result for your organisation

The developments in the Cloud never stop. Are you already working in the Cloud and do you want to know whether your IT strategy is still on track? Or where you can optimise and innovate? Our Cloud Consultants are happy to share their knowledge and vision to help you with the next step in your Cloud strategy and an optimal result. 

We can help you with several methods: 

Cloud Architecture Assessment

Are you working in the Cloud and do you want to know whether your Cloud architecture is future-proof? Test it with a pragmatic assessment by one of our Cloud Consultants.

Cloud Strategy Optimisation Workshop

In this workshop we will examine whether your Cloud strategy as previously designed still fits the current business situation or where adjustments are necessary.

“What’s New” Meetups

In a meetup, our Cloud Consultants will present the most recent and relevant developments in the Cloud for your business and discuss how you can apply them.

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Cloud Maturity Assessment

How mature are your organisation's processes to apply Cloud technology? We map this out for you and advise you on how to reach the next stage of maturity.

SOC 2-Compliance

Our expert specialists guide you in achieving a SOC 2 report for your application or environment in the Public Cloud.

Cloud Fundamentals Session

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Is your organisation shifting its focus to Public and/or Multi-Cloud and are you looking for the right approach? During this session we help you with a first step towards the Cloud. 


Why is Solvinity the right partner?

Because getting Solvinity onboard means you can rely on our long history of designing and implementing infrastructures with high levels of availability and security. We believe in long-term relationships. Our Cloud Consultants are open and honest, and willing to share their expertise and vision. This advice is always supported by hard facts, and based on what the consultants consider to be the best solution for your needs. Our certification, as well as our people and our culture of knowledge development, knowledge assurance, and knowledge sharing, reflect how deeply our knowledge and experience are anchored.  

Get to work with Cloud Consultancy?

Rely on Solvinity’s Cloud Consulting to take care of things, while you concentrate on your core policy and setting clear goals for the future.

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