Full control & security

Are you looking for a way to get all your applications secure and operational in the cloud? Maybe you want to reap the benefits of high performance with low latency at all times? Or is flexibility and scalability a must-have? Then Solvinity Private Cloud is your answer. 

Your Private Cloud within our infrastructure

The Solvinity Cloud gives you full control over your resources and makes sure that your organisation can always scale up or down. This private cloud is hosted in the Solvinity infrastructure within a network of data centres in and around Amsterdam. You can rely on the latest best practices in the market, and the highest security and compliance standards. It also means that we manage the environment completely, we have complete control, and we can guarantee your security end-to-end.  


Advantages of the Solvinity Cloud

No major investments in infrastructure, hardware and software licenses, but a personalised solution for your organisation; that is our what our Private Cloud represents. Other advantages are:

Hybrid cloud environment

Your Solvinity Cloud can be combined with public cloud solutions.

Optimal business continuity

Because your Solvinity Cloud is stable, scalable, fast and available.

Container technology

Your state-of-the-art platform is developed in a way that makes is suitable for modern development processes with multiple suppliers (multi-tenant). Together we make sure that you can deliver new functionalities smoothly, safely, and predictably.

A single invoice for all Cloud services that you purchase

This way you always have insight into costs which enables better cost control.

Highest safety standards and norms

We realise that you obviously want your cloud environment to have the highest levels of security, and that’s what you can expect with the Solvinity Cloud. Right from the design phase, security is integrated into all processes, applications and systems according to Solvinity’s Security-by-Design principle. And there’s more: we also possess all the necessary certifications, so that we, but more importantly your cloud, meet the highest security standards and standards in the market.  

The Solvinity Cloud is also good for your organisation’s business continuity. We can guarantee continuity, because your cloud has in-built redundancy. Even if a disaster happens, the availability of your business processes is guaranteed.  

Other possibilities offered by the Solvinity Cloud:


Can be used as a 'safety net' or to run legacy applications alongside a public cloud solution
Facilitates SaaS strategy scenarios, which makes it easier to integrate different SaaS suppliers

For developers

Are you looking for the latest possibilities to streamline the rollout of software releases? The Solvinity Cloud can also be set up as a modern multi-tenant container platform. To do this, we use our own ‘Integrated Delivery‘ software release model, based on Kubernetes container technology. This includes:

  • A shared CI/CD pipeline with automated testing process according to the OTAP framework
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Stretched DevOps collaboration


Why is Solvinity the right partner?

Because getting Solvinity onboard means you can rely on our long history of designing and implementing infrastructures with high levels of availability and security. We believe in long-term relationships. That’s why our Cloud Consultants are open and honest, and willing to share their expertise and vision. This may also mean you get unsolicited advice: news that you might prefer not to hear, but always supported by hard facts, and based on what they consider to be the best solution for your needs. Our certification, as well as our people and our culture of knowledge development, knowledge assurance, and knowledge sharing, reflect how deeply our knowledge and experience are anchored.  

Get to work with the Solvinity Cloud?

If you’re looking for a personalised solution, you can count on the Solvinity Cloud. Then you can continue to focus on your organisation’s core needs, and leave us to make sure your IT environment functions as effectively as possible.
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