Case Study

Ministry of Justice and Security

Ministry of Justice and Security

Ministry of Justice and Security in safe hands

The Ministry of Justice and Security consists of different sectors, each assigned with their own tasks. IT provides the link between these sectors and the various different arms of the judiciary. 

This calls for a secure connection between the internal, trusted, national data communication network, and external networks, such as the internet, partner networks (public organisations and semi-government bodies), and the networks of government departments. Furthermore, IT forms the backbone of communications with the general public, and trade and industry, which is becoming increasingly digitalised. And last but not least, IT opens up the potential for a greater level of “new working” within the Ministry. In other words, the creation of a reliable, secure IT infrastructure is of vital importance. That is why the Ministry decided to ask Solvinity for advice and support in this area. Remco Boersma, IT architect and Senior Project Leader at the Ministry of Justice and Security explains: ‘Solvinity has an incredible amount of in-depth knowledge when it comes to complex infrastructures, and that is exactly what we needed.’

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