What we do, we do well. Our planet included.
Solvinity takes corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. This includes environmental awareness, quality and services. As a leading IT service provider, we devote a great deal of care to the quality of our activities. Whatever we deliver, it exudes quality.

Customer is King. A true truth to our Solvineers. We keep our quality, sustainability and continuity at the highest levels. It’s a fruitful story since customer satisfaction measurements indeed show that our customers are very content and recognize our progressive approach. The cherry on the cake, appreciation, especially becomes evident from Solvinity’s considerable growth in recent years.
People, Planet, Profit


Environmental policy

We consistently implemented corporate social responsibility in both our policy and our management systems. We take measures to reduce environmental impact and footprint at all our locations, as well as in our data centres. As a practical example, we’ve put efficient energy use and the transition to sustainable (green) electricity high on our priority list. At our offices, waste separation and reduction are considered the new normal.

The sky is the limit. Environmental responsibility is crucial, which is why we have taken the lead in structurally monitoring and improving our ecological footprint. After all, the Holy Trinity of “People, Planet, Profit” must be in balance. To reach our green goals and as part of the Planet, we have set up and implemented an Environmental Management System, following the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015.

Quality and Environmental Management System

We won’t stop. Not here, not ever. We are driven to continue our success as the future unfolds. To keep thriving in the future, we have set up and implemented a quality and environmental management system under ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. That’s our contribution, and it’s how we fulfil our promises. At the same time, this system contributes to keeping Solvinity future-proof.

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