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Ahold is an international retailing group based in the Netherlands and active in the United States and Europe. The company is built on a solid foundation, with strong and trusted local consumer brands, millions of loyal customers, leadership in their markets and proud associates. Operating supermarkets and selling great food has been their core business for over 125 years.

SaaS vendor Andriessen is the developer and provider of exam software TeleToets. TeleToets is used by various test agencies and by the government. Solvinity provides the hosting activities for the customers who purchase this software-as-a-service.

The Dutch Press Agency (ANP) is the largest independent news agency in the Netherlands. ANP annually produces more than 160,000 news articles and 600 000 pictures. Solvinity carries out the hosting.

Dutch political party Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA) was founded on the 9th February 1946 when the Social-Democratic Labour Party, the Freethinking Democratic Union and the Christen-Democratic Union decided to join forces and merge into one political party. Since that moment the PvdA has been continuously represented in the Dutch Parliament.

Through the Studielink website students are able to regulate their (re-) enrollment in a college or university in the Netherlands themselves and their registration with the Executive Education Agency (DUO). Solvinity provides the hosting of the complete environment.

Teeuwissen Rioolreiniging B.V. is a leading company in the Netherlands in the field of cleaning, inspection and maintenance of (main) sewers and all that is connected with it. Teeuwissen has 160 employees working in the Netherlands. Solvinity handles the workplace automation and application hosting.

Trans Link Systems (TLS) was established to introduce and maintain the national OV-chipkaart (travelcard) system in the Netherlands. The principle was for all public transport companies in the Netherlands to be connected to the new system.


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