A safe and flexible foundation with Interxion

The reduction of risk is required in order to safeguard sensitive data from our customers. The best way to maintain control over your IT environment is to start with a secure, reliable and flexible foundation. This is exactly what we offer and the high-end datacenters of Interxion contribute to this. 

Security and reliability without compromising

The demand for safe (multi-) cloud solutions is still increasing. As a Secure Managed IT Service provider we strive to provide highly secure and reliable IT environments for a variety of customers – from governments to financial and business services – handling highly sensitive data. In addition we facilitate organisations that frequently release new software with Integrated Delivery, a smooth, safe and predictable software release method. Whether they’re leveraging cloud solutions, managed hosting and workspace solutions or developing their own software, our customers need a flexible IT environment that can meet their unique needs without compromising cybersecurity or speed.

In order to serve our customers properly it is of great importance to choose a datacenter that packages together everything we need. In Interxion, we have found a partner that offers a flexible, secure and reliable foundation, directly connecting a variety of cloud and connectivity providers.

Strategic partnership

One of Interxion’s primary benefits is that everything is closely connected and operates together so there is almost no latency. This optimal connectivity is crucially important to our clients.

In case of a multi cloud solution, Interxion’s Cloud Connect enables a single high-performance connection between Solvinity’s private cloud and a variety of public clouds. As a result Solvinity enables its customers to take advantage of the multi cloud solution with increased security and also high reliability.  Access to the cloud also saves on storage compared to the public internet.   

On top of this, Interxion is leader in their field and very progressive in the areas of security and sustainability. Along with our customers, their scale of operation allows us to profit and continue to grow.

In the end, we share a mutual goal of helping organisations gain and maintain control over their IT operations by delivering a reliable, secure and compliant IT environment.

''Our cooperation feels like a partnership. Solvinity is a professional service provider with a clear vision of the future."
Joël Altyzer
Accountmanager - Interxion

The result

De high-end datacenters of Interxion provide excellent facilities, the required flexibility and all the necessary connectivity options. The key advantages of this partnership are:  

  • Connect to a variety of cloud providers through a single private port 
  • SLA of 99,999%
  • Lower storage costs, an average of ten times lower per GB compared to the public internet
  • Easily move workloads between private and public cloud
  • Excellent security and always compliant
  • A sustainable foundation for innovation 

The benefits of a collaboration with Solvinity

Unburdening: 24/7 service and a partner that knows you well
Scale as a competitive advantage
A partner who thinks along with you

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A safe and flexible foundation with Interxion

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