9292 creates space for core business with new workspace solution

At 9292, the IT department mainly focuses on the application and website to provide travellers with accurate travel information: the company’s core business. It is therefore a logical choice to outsource IT that is not part of the core business, like a digital workspace. Is it not?

Lango Workspace, work efficiently, anytime and anywhere

Lies van Kralingen, Director Finance & Operations, does indeed think so. Because it is difficult to keep all the knowledge up to date and to find good people who can develop the working environment in a future-proof way, the decision was made to outsource to a ‘more knowledgeable’ party. The choice was made for Lango, our cloud based digital workspace. This enables all 9292 employees to have optimal access to the right information and applications in order to work efficiently, anytime and anywhere.

Smooth transition, significantly more efficient and uniform

9292 is an IT-driven organisation which, based on its DNA, is always looking for innovative and future-proof ways of working. The transition to working from home went quite smoothly. Working from home made it clear, in particular, how important it is that all employees have a single portal available to them, which allows consistent access to their workstations, anytime and anywhere, including all the required information and applications. This ensures an efficient way of working and peace of mind. In addition, 9292 set high security standards: employees must be able to work securely anywhere – including on their own devices.

After a one-month pilot, Lango Workspace was introduced for the entire organisation. Since then, internal collaborations at 9292 have become “significantly more efficient and uniform”. Positive feedback has also been received from the end users. Edwin Zilver, project leader and change manager at 9292, described the cooperation with Solvinity as “pleasant and efficient” – virtually all employees were able to start working with Lango right away after a single adoption session. 

"We were well advised, Solvinity was very accommodating and the transition was well managed at project level.”
lies van kralingen
Director Finance & Operations, 9292


For 9292, the cooperation brings quite some benefits:

  • Cost savings by using standard solutions
  • Flexibility thanks to scalability
  • Easy and secure onboarding of new employees
  • Focus on core business by outsourcing maintenance and management of the work environment
  • Significant more efficient and uniform internal collaboration
“We don't need to know how it all works, but we do need to know what we can do with it. As with a car: I don't need to know how the garage does maintenance, as long as it gets me from A to B.”
lies van kralingen
Director Finance & Operations, 9292

Podcast (dutch)

Listen to the New Business Radio broadcast, in which Hans van den Broek, Nancy Roos-Beukers and Lies van Kralingen got together to discuss the cooperation between 9292 and Solvinity, and the latest developments of the shift towards the digital workplace.

Benefits Lango Workspace

Workspace in the cloud, based on Office 365
Central portal that provides access to all your applications, from legacy to SaaS
Expert support and advice from the Lango Coach
Maximum control and easy data and device management

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