CJIB innovates quickly, securely and in a controlled manner

A government institution that wishes to digitise and innovate faces strict conditions and requirements in terms of security and reliability. With Secure Managed Hosting and CI/CD, Solvinity enables the CJIB to innovate in a secure and controlled manner, as a result of which, among other things, the project realisation phase was reduced by 50%.

Controlled innovation from a strategic partnership

The CJIB is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security and is an expert in the fields of collection, coordination and providing information. The amount of data processed by the CJIB is growing. In order to meet the need for information relating to that data, the decision was made to digitise the services as much as possible. Security, high availability and an optimal user experience are the basic conditions for this.

Digitisation and innovation are quite a challenge for organisations with a major social responsibility for large quantities of sensitive data. It requires specific demands from IT solutions, which must satisfy various (European) privacy guidelines.

Due to the high reliability and security of our services, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security has been collaborating with us already for many years on secure infrastructure services and complex web hosting. The CJIB and Solvinity have together explored the ideal form of collaboration in order to support the rapid transformation of the organisation in a constructive, flexible and responsible manner.

Managed Hosting, Security Services and CI/CD

During this transformation process, the challenge for CJIB and Solvinity was chiefly to break out of the classic role allocation of client and contractor. By openly and honestly engaging in conversation with one another, by discussing potential problems straight away, and by involving the right people in the planned changes at the right level and at the right time, the collaboration became far more effective.

The CJIB developers and Solvinity’s operational teams, which use Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), maintain much more frequent and closer contact. Instead of devoting time and energy to drawing up action plans, improvements are now implemented directly in consultation. Since then, the business collaboration has changed into a strategic partnership.

“The uptime is fantastic. There have hardly been any incidents. We are tackling new projects together with increasing effectiveness. Yes, we are very happy with Solvinity.”
Nils Peerdeman
Projectmanager Digital Transformation - CJIB

The result

Solvinity, in collaboration with various value chain partners and the CJIB, has delivered and assumed the task of managing four portals, including the CJIB website and the Digitaal Loket (Digital Service Desk).

Other results achieved:

  • Realisation phase shortened by up to 50%
  • Safe and reliable service provision
  • High availability
  • Close personal contact between both teams
  • Improved insight into mutual planning
  • Proactive and action-oriented collaboration
“We are now in a situation in which we also truly strengthen each other and that is something from which we really benefit.”
Esther Rozendaal
Account and Supplier Manager - CJIB

Download the CJIB case study

Controlled innovation from a strategic partnership

Would you like to know more about how the collaboration between Solvinity and the CJIB enables them to innovate in a controlled and secure manner? Read all about it in the full case study.

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