Governments and Non-profit organisations

Governments and Non-profit organisations

There’s work to be done in government

A society is made up by individuals, but a bunch of individuals doesn’t make a society. Independent IT applications lead to fragmentation in decisiveness and budgets in governments. A decisive and reliable board needs its IT centralized. For each task, one system from one provider with less distortion. Or at least, that’s the big picture. Because each individual level, department or domain might need a slightly different approach.

That’s why we see service integration as an umbrella, with extra room for self-service and ISV-strategies. And security. But that’s just the starting point. As a government you protect your people and their data. In such projects we like to take the lead. At the wheel as well as in the trenches. Working with tenders according to Best Value Procurement fits us like a glove. And we make sure your organization meets all the requirements of administrative reliability.

Moving with the ever changing non-profit world

Donations, grants and policy determine for the most part what happens in the non-profit sector. Where an organization needs to shrink because of cuts today, tomorrow they may need extra staff. Scalability is very important in this market. And that is exactly where our expertise comes in perfectly. Particularly by simplifying, improving and bringing to market the disclosure of your information.

We even go a step further by enabling close cooperation between businesses, government agencies and fundraisers. Want to know how we do that? Call or email us.


Security: what are you waiting for?

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