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Corporate Story

Corporate Story

Solvinity exists to make your organization smarter, better and more efficient

IT environments need to be faster, more flexible, reliable and innovative. That’s what our customers and technology partners demand. But each market has its own rules, challenges and opportunities. In order to create a fitting solution, you need to understand every development in every single market. And you need to anticipate tomorrow’s events. That’s why knowledge is a priority for us. Knowledge of our customers, their markets and available IT solutions.

Smart combinations of existing and new solutions

A familiar expression in our line of work is: ‘Everything in IT has already been invented.’ Innovation comes into being by combining available solutions in a smart way. And that is exactly what our more than 180 Solvineers are working on day and night. They’re all top-notch professionals with a deep understanding of the reality of business. To them, a solution is only successful when it contributes to fulfilling our customers’ needs or goals.

IT as a service

Not long ago, the IT landscape mostly consisted of ‘toys and boys’: hardware and workers. Recently, the emphasis has shifted to the ‘service’ part of IT. It’s a trend we notice in society at large: using beats owning. Although we go along with the service terminology, we remain focused on the fact that IT is always about people. Technology serves people and aids their progress.

History in infrastructure and hosting

We have a long history in IT infrastructures and managed hosting. Solvinity is the successful result of the 2014 merger between ASP4All and Bitbrains. This so-called marriage has led to a strong hosting party, coaching more than 250 large Dutch clients in the constantly changing rules of doing business and executing policy.

Cloud partner with a platform

Solvinity has its own IT infrastructure. An advanced private cloud, distributed across five data centers that each process vast amounts of data for big customers. Virtualization ensures the data is accessible anywhere and at any time. But we’d just as soon help our customers with a solution in the public cloud or a hybrid form. Depending on where the data is stored, the end user can do what he needs to do, worry-free.


We have a proprietary tool for customers in need of an online workplace


'We advise our customers on their optimal choice'

Jeroen van der Meer - CTO

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"Solvinity is large enough to provide the required level of high quality, but still s...

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