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Security is where we start. We call it ‘secure and compliant by design’, meaning that with each project we focus on optimal data security, right from the get-go. The basis for that is the storage of data in our data centers across the Netherlands. And that comes with all the right certifications. Solvinity is certified based on important domestic and international rules and regulations.

ISAE3402/SOC2 – requirements for data management operations

When you outsource a part of your process, you have to consider specific requirements for outsourcing. How does your supplier handle your data? In what way does he cover for risks? What processes are implemented regarding data management? Solvinity is ISAE3402/SOC2-certified. This standard (previously known as SAS70) ensures our work meets the international requirements for service organizations. In this way we guarantee our customers maximum reliability, privacy, availability, continuity and integrity. Thanks to ISAE3402/SOC2 Solvinity meets the demands of many domains, including financial markets, governments, health care and more.

ISO/IEC27001 – requirements for information security

This standard has established what your business needs to do in order to secure information. It also states how to determine, implement, execute, check, assess, maintain and improve a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS).


Sustainable ICT solutions are extremely important to our society. Solvinity believes that attention to three dimensions are important in the development of such solutions: People, Planet en Profit. That's why we continuously make improvements to support environmental friendly use of information technology. But it doesn't stop there, as we also act responsibly and consider the environment in our day-to-day business operations. We have the ISO14001 certification to prove it. 

NEN7510 – requirements for information security in health care

The high standards for availability, integrity and confidentiality of patient data has led to the creation of a separate standard for health care information. The requirements for securing any type of information in and between health care organizations are documented in the NEN7510 standard.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 standard ensures that we are continuously improving our quality management systems in order to improve the satisfaction of our customers. Our entire working process has been reviewed, together with some secondary processes. We maintain high standards because we find it very important to guarantee the quality of our services.


With our Secure Digital Communications Solution, we've got you covered.


Every market, every sector, every segment has its own laws and demands.

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