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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Solvinity is an active part of society. We take responsibility when it comes to social questions, and we take action. We strive for a structural and balanced growth, that not only serves our customers, partners, employees and shareholders, but the environment and our society.

Solvineers contribute to that goal every day by recycling its trash, buying sustainable products and using low-energy materials and technologies. Using renewable fuel and less energy is part and parcel of that approach.

In order to make that vision and the responsibility concrete, we’ve stipulated agreements and set up processes. These have been reviewed and been given a ISO14001:2004 certification for environmental management. The processes and commitments have been recorded in a statement of which we can present a copy on request.

Curious about the activities we have done in the past? Click here for an overview of our activities in 2015.

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