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Customer centric, agile and certified

Dedicated customer teams, proving our designs with a Proof of Concept and achieving every important certification required. That’s the backbone of Solvinity’s approach. Our people create the magic. And they do so with dedication, working closely together and keeping an eye on the future. Working fast comes naturally to us, and coasting is something our engineers have never even heard of.

Dedicated client teams

With us, every client is assigned his own team. The team members don’t just help you during the start-up phase (development or Dev), but will continue to support you during the operational years (operations or Ops). By organizing it like this, you’ll always work with the same team. Knowledge gained is knowledge preserved and your business will be able to maintain its steady pace. This agile way of working, also known as DevOps, is second nature to our professionals.

Client engineers

Our client engineers work closest with you, understand your needs and know your IT environment through and through. Together, you decide the requirements for security, performance and availability. This team also provides direct operational support.

Solution engineers

These are the people that find or design the best solution for your problems by combining existing options. Sometimes with parts from our own infrastructure, other times they create hybrid solutions using building blocks. We work with technology and solution partners that are leaders in their field of expertise, thus delivering the best solution for a specific problem.

Platform engineers

Our platform specialists make sure your infrastructure rests on a solid foundation. They know everything there is to know about management, storage and security. They are masters at organizing a network’s available data space in a smart and efficient way.

Our successful integration of a customer-centric approach in our primary processes has not gone unnoticed. Since 2011, we’ve scored high marks in Giarte’s Outsourcing Recommendation, the annual IT partners customer satisfaction survey.

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