Ministry of Justice and Security in safe hands

The IT of the Ministry of Justice and Security connects all its sectors with different judicial chains. The protection of all confidential data and the stability of the systems has the highest priority. With a customised IT infrastructure, the ministry got the security and reliability it was looking for.

Tailor made solutions for optimum safety, reliability and stability

The Ministry of Justice and Security consists of different sectors, each assigned with their own tasks. IT links these sectors with the various different arms of the judiciary. This calls for a secure connection between the internal data communication network and external networks. In addition, IT forms the backbone of communications with the general public, which is becoming increasingly digitalised. And last but not least, IT opens up the potential for a greater level of ‘new working’ within the Ministry. In other words, the creation of a reliable, secure and stable IT infrastructure and an IT-partner with an extensive track record within government organisations was of vital importance. That is why the ministry called in Solvinity.

Managed Hosting, Security & Cloud Services

The objective was to find a high-quality and future-proof solution that optimally supports and protects the chain processes. To realise this, a tailor-made security infrastructure has been designed with which the various traffic flows of data are separated from each other and can be controlled with different security and management policies. A number of additional security services were supplied with this and we implemented a solution that acts as a type of “car wash”: it filters all internal and external traffic flows to eliminate unwanted content up to the application level.

With a pre-tested data center solution, built on a flexible, scalable and shared infrastructure, applications are hosted in a private cloud. And with over 200 virtual servers, 60 TB of storage and more than 100 network links with other government systems, Solvinity unlocked 36,000 workplaces for a total of 21 sectors within the Ministry of Justice and Security.
“Solvinity has a very thorough knowledge of complex infrastructures and that was exactly what we needed.”
remco boersma
IT architect and senior project leader at the Ministry of Justice and Security

The result

A project of this size and complexity is highly exceptional within the Ministry of justice and Security. It was delivered to full satisfaction: the collaboration with all parties went smoothly and the ministry now benefits from a new IT infrastructure, which provides a platform for coordination and interaction between all different sectors with:

  • guaranteed uptime and availability
  • better predictable and reduced operating costs by 33%
  • 24×7 monitoring by a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of the system
“We have never experienced this before. Solvinity is large enough to achieve a very good quality, but at the same time it can be flexible. The collaboration with the people from Solvinity was great, both centrally and at the sector level.”
remco boersma
IT architect and senior project leader at the Ministry of Justice and Security

Download the case study of the ministry of Justice and Security

Ministry of Justice and Security in safe hands
Would you like to know more about how to build a foundation for optimal protection of confidential data and system stability with a customised IT infrastructure? Download the full case study here.

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