13 December 2021

End-of-year donation for school supplies

Solvinity recognises the importance of education and innovation for a better futureThat’s why we support initiatives such as the Cloud Academy and the Digital Ecosystems Institutebetter future starts with education of our youthMore and more children in the Netherlands are struggling with learning disabilities due to the ongoing coronacrisis. Families have also encountered financial difficulties. For many families the costs of school supplies are difficult to afford. 

"The School Supply Campaign aids children who grow up in poverty and go to secondary school."​

To give these families a helping hand in the new year we make a donation of €5,000 to the School Supply Campaign of the Dutch Poverty Fund. We do this together with our customers by converting our business gifts into a donation, supplemented with a bonus from Solvinity. The School Supply Campaign aids children who grow up in poverty and go to secondary school. They receive a school supplies pass worth 50 euros. With this donation we can jointly help 100 children a step further.   

On 8 December our CCO Nancy Roos-Beukers personally handed over a check to the Poverty Fund. This was received with much gratitude and now adorns a wall in their office in Rosmalen. 

Would you like to make an additional donation yourself? You can do this via the Poverty Fund donation page. 

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