25 March 2019

ONVZ prolongs strategic collaboration with Solvinity

Solvinity hosts and manages IT infrastructure and network, ONVZ retains control of IT

Amsterdam, 25 March 2019 – Health insurer ONVZ and managed hosting provider Solvinity recently extended their collaboration agreement by three years. In February 2016, ONVZ outsourced its entire IT environment to Solvinity, and six of the insurer’s data centre workers also made the switch. The scope of the collaboration remains more or less unchanged. Solvinity is responsible for the IT infrastructure and network, whilst ONVZ retains control of the IT.

For ONVZ, extending its contract with Solvinity seemed the right thing to do. “We are very pleased with the partnership,” says Jan-Dirk Rundervoort, supplier manager at ONVZ. “IT stability, privacy and data security are our top priorities. Solvinity receives excellent scores in relation to those points and plays a proactive role in our decision-making processes. This is backed up by the benchmark investigations we conduct on a regular basis to see where we stand in the field of IT, which show that with Solvinity our affairs are in good order. This is a good way of objectively measuring the collaboration.”

Rundervoort continues, “At management level and as far as service and service provision are concerned, the collaboration has been excellent right from the word go. At operational level, we first had to grow accustomed to one another and become more compatible. Our organisations have certain similarities. For example, we both have a flexible, open and dynamic culture, which enables us to take swift action and make rapid changes. Solvinity is always in ‘help mode’. If something needs to happen, it happens straight away.”

Applications in the cloud eventually

Hans van den Broek, CEO of Solvinity, adds, “Together, we have raised ONVZ’s IT environment to a high level, not just in a technical sense but also as far as information security is concerned. This mutual encouragement has enhanced the further development. ONVZ has introduced our collaboration process as a case in Giarte’s Outsourcing Performance benchmark study, which says a lot about the results and the perception of the partnership.”

ONVZ is currently investigating the opportunities offered by the public cloud. Jan-Dirk Rundervoort explains, “We are already making use of Solvinity’s private cloud but we expect to bring a number of applications and platforms to the public cloud over the next few years, and it makes sense to involve Solvinity in that process. There were many good reasons for us to enter into a partnership with one another.”

About ONVZ

ONVZ is a non-profit organisation, so the interest of policyholders comes first. As an insurer, we help and inspire our members to live a good, healthy life. ONVZ is there for those who are ill and in need of care, of course, but also for those who are healthy and want to stay that way. High-quality service and service provision are an essential part of this. ONVZ offers a free choice of care, so policyholders receive the best-quality care from the most suitable specialist for that particular patient. An independent study conducted by GfK revealed that ONVZ receives high scores year in year out in terms of customer satisfaction and the confidence of policyholders. More information can be found on the ONVZ website.

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