26 October 2022

Solvinity at AG Connect TechFest

The most private public cloud

On Thursday 29 September, Solvinity was present as a partner at AG Connect TechFest.

TechFest is a new business tech festival, where innovation, new insights and creativity come together. Around 700 ambitious IT professionals, from tech students and data scientists to C-level IT Executives, were able to participate in inspiring and enlightening talks, workshops, discussions, keynotes and sessions throughout the day.

Vincent van Beek, Distinguished Engineer at Solvinity, shared his expertise in building secure and reliable cloud management software in such a session. Modern software has to operate in increasingly complex ecosystems and meet more and more functional and non-functional requirements, while security threats increase. To deal with this properly, development teams need the right processes, tooling and automation. Vincent van Beek explained how we support our development teams with best practices and lessons learned. In addition, an enthusiastic team was present at the Solvinity booth to answer all questions and a caricaturist provided visitors with a caricature portrait drawing within a few minutes.

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