8 February 2021

Solvinity: first Dutch MSP with SOC 2 for private and Azure cloud

Entire Solvinity cloud management environment passes SOC 1 and SOC 2 with flying colours

Amsterdam, 8 February 2021 — Solvinity, one of the largest providers of Secure Managed IT Services in the Netherlands, received new SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports from KPMG. The entire cloud management environment, which this year included the Azure public cloud, has passed the audits with flying colours. Thus, Solvinity meets the strictest international audit requirements imposed on IT administrators for all its customers. 

After an intensive audit process, KPMG compiled the SOC 1 and SOC 2 reporting over 2020, as was the case in previous years. Contrary to previous audits, public cloud management in Microsoft Azure was audited as well this time. This makes Solvinity the first Dutch IT service provider, according to Microsoft, whose Azure management falls within the scope of the SOC 2 audit and whose entire management environment was tested against these strict standards. Harry Tolsma, Technology Strategist Microsoft Nederland: ‘The certification of Solvinity’s managed Azure environment is an important step for customers who wish to make use of the cloud and have high compliancy requirements. In the Netherlands, this is considered a unique service provision that perfectly matches the way in which we experience Solvinity – a meticulous and thorough partner with a good eye for innovative solutions. These qualities were at the root of the success of this special certification.’

“The SOC audits reveal that Solvinity can maintain the same high-quality standards in every environment. The successful result of the audits is the culmination of Solvinity’s security and compliance activities in 2020.”

Martin Maas, Manager Data Privacy & Compliance at Solvinity: ‘These standards are crucial for the trust of our customers for whom compliancy is essential, such as banks, insurers and the government. They are responsible for their customer data, but have outsourced cloud management to us. Thanks to the KPMG audits, they can demonstrate that their data is in very good hands – whether they make use of traditional on-premises environments or hybrid cloud environments, which are becoming increasingly common. 

The decision to have the management on the public cloud tested in the audits made the process more complex than before. Thorough testing of the Microsoft Azure SOC reporting, in combination with extensive system checks, led to a clear conclusion – Solvinity’s proven processes passed the strict testing of the auditors with flying colours – also in the public cloud. ‘The public cloud offers a rising number of organisations cost efficiency and scale advantages,’ Maas says, ‘however, opting for the public cloud must not be at the expense of security or compliance. The SOC audits reveal that Solvinity can maintain the same high-quality standards in every environment. The successful result of the audits is the culmination of Solvinity’s security and compliance activities in 2020.’ 

 This doesn’t mean that the specialists of Solvinity can now rest on their laurels. SOC compliance is an ongoing process throughout the entire year. Meanwhile, the possibilities to extend the next audits to other big cloud services are being researched. ‘New working methods have led increasingly more organisations in the direction of hybrid cloud environments. If we see that the demand for specific public cloud services increases, we will also implement our security and compliance processes in these environments and have them tested.’ 

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