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Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure

There are several providers of public cloud solutions: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud. Solvinity can provide solutions on all platforms, but we have chosen for a strategic partnership with Microsoft which is why we focus on Microsoft Azure when it comes to the public cloud.

Microsoft Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. As Microsoft Certified Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Solvinity can combine Azure solutions with your existing IT environment, on premise or in the Solvinity Private Cloud.


Microsoft Azure Compute

Consider IT as the engine under the hood to run your business, with “compute” powering the engine. Whether the compute power is provided by the Solvinity Private Cloud or the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud: an engine needs to run smoothly and to accelerate when necessary, at the best price/performance available. As the most basic of services, Azure Compute has all the basic Public Cloud characteristics and advantages such as self-service, elasticity, pay-for-use. To fully benefit from these advantages Solvinity provides services in the design, transition and operation of customer specific architectures.

What Solvinity does

Our Solution Architects and Customer Engineers design and create a custom solution based on the type of workload and the required compute service. We will advise you and set up the environment, including migrating VM’s and data to the required platform, whether this is a full public cloud solution or a hybrid version in combination with the Solvinity Private Cloud platform. As Microsoft Azure is a computing platform, many solutions can be built and supported. We also work closely with software developers on the application architecture (DevOps). Even serverless architectures need non-functional requirements such as security, continuity, manageability, support performance, SLA and pricing. Integrating these elements from the start ensures a smooth transition and operation.

Common customer cases that Solvinity is handling for customers are:

  • Transferring dev/test environments to MS Azure;
  • Running a High Performance Cluster (HPC) in MS Azure;
  • Disaster recovery to MS Azure.

Solvinity Public & Private Cloud Features and Benefits

Apart from generic public cloud advantages such as pay-as-you-go, turning capex into opex costs and scalability, Solvinity offers specific features and benefits:

  • Custom design for public or private compute services because there is no such thing as “one for all”. A custom design means it is tuned to your environment, providing the best results;
  • One invoice for private and public cloud services providing insight into costs and better cost management;
  • One central point of contact and one Service Level Agreement for all services which frees up resources in the organization and allows for better management
  • Dedicated Customer Engineering team with specialists that are responsible for project, implementation and operational management: no handovers.
  • Close cooperation with software developers and software vendors allowing for Dev/Ops and Integrated Delivery.

Microsoft Azure e-bookMicrosoft Azure E-book

As a cloudspecialist we receive lots of quesions about Microsft Azure. We've collected the 10 most frequently asked questions about Azure in this e-book. Download the free Microsoft Azure e-book now.


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