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Solvency IT Services

Solvency IT Services

Solvency II IT Services: speed, security and without hassle

It’s been predicted for some years now, but it looks like the implementation of Solvency II is actually taking place. Meeting all the new requirements will mean a lot of work for many organizations. A quick recap of the most important implications for your IT environment:

By January 1, 2016, your IT environment should:
* Process all relevant data from the entire organization 
* Calculate risks as fast and accurately as possible 
* Be stable and user friendly, and provide clear reports

In the last few years, we’ve prepared a variety of companies and organizations for Solvency II. And we’re using our renowned approach to do it: fast, safe and without interrupting or delaying our customers’ daily processes. Don’t hesitate to give us a call about preparing your organization for Solvency II. No strings attached.

Figlo Customer CaseFiglo Customer Case

"Everything works just the way it’s always done – except even better"

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