Infrastructure as a Service

Manage your IT environment and outsource your infrastructure to Solvinity through IaaS. Let us invest in hardware, maintenance, security and server rooms. The only thing you have to do is let go of your worries and focus on your core business.

Let us do the work


Infrastructure as a Service and 100% care

A complete virtual IT infrastructure, accessible from anywhere and at any moment: IaaS by Solvinity. You develop, test, install and accept applications and take them into production. We’ll do the rest. We manage and maintain your infrastructure. IaaS provides you with control over design, with independence and self-service first. Your IaaS platform is available 24/7 and housed in one or more Tier 3+ data centres in the Netherlands.

Pay pro-rata

You only pay for the capacity that you use. This allows you to save costs and keep a clear overview of your IT expenditure.


Fancy more or less capacity? We’ve got your back. We adjust your infrastructure to your needs as required. A tailored process for the best results.

100% care

Solvinity takes complete care of your IT environment in the cloud. We provide you with a current IT environment that meets the requirements of your business.

No hardware investment

Solvinity manages the physical hardware required. We design hardware according to your wishes and maintain it likewise. Investing in servers is history.

More information about IaaS?

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