Flexible, scalable and secure with the Azure Public Cloud

Have you noticed your organisation encountering difficulties while running at the maximum capacity of the IT environment? Moreover, is this environment hardly flexible and insufficiently secured? The switch to the cloud can be a genius move. The only thing you have to do is control the content. The solution allows you to omit networks and database management easily. Meet Microsoft Azure.



What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the collective name of a set of public cloud services that offer support to your organization’s business challenges. Consider organizational productivity, agility and speed, accelerating innovation and improved the user experience/ease. It provides a comprehensive platform and global network, on which you can build, implement and manage a wide range of business applications, or simply your entire IT environment.

High-level security

Your data is thoroughly secured. Microsoft invests $ 1 billion a year to protect customer data.

Hybrid working

Whether your environment is located in your office, in the private or in the public cloud; you easily integrate them with Azure.

Building on your terms

All computer languages and frameworks are supported. Build and implement precisely as you want.


Microsoft is continuously innovating. Therefore, not only is your business well supported today; so is your vision for tomorrow.


Microsoft Azure and Solvinity

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft involves a strong focus on Microsoft Azure for Public Cloud solutions. And for good reason. Microsoft happens to be the most certified cloud provider worldwide and meets the highest security and quality requirements. The vast range of possibilities represents the cherry on top of the cake: a strong basis for a future-oriented organisation.

Switching to the public cloud with Solvinity

Why opt for a switch to the public cloud with Solvinity? We have the proven expertise and go the extra mile to offer you a safe, worry-free and smart journey. Because:

Public Clouds suppliers do not provide management services. But we do. We have got a direct line to Microsoft, so the best support is guaranteed.

Azure offers countless options. We are happy to help you figure out the optimal choices for cloud design, tailored to your organization, systems, processes and objectives.

Data security not only depends on your cloud provider but also, for example, on the design or extra measures. Microsoft emphasizes that as well. Do you want to ensure secure cloud access, keep a grip on your data and top-notch protection against cyber threats? We are ready for you.

Our partnerships with Microsoft

To optimally meet our customers’ needs, we are committed to obtaining a Gold Partner status from the Microsoft Partner Network in various Microsoft knowledge areas. This highest partner status gives direct access to exclusive resources, programs, tools and connections and assures our customers of our exceptional expertise.

Microsoft has awarded Solvinity Gold partner status for:

Gold Application Development Partner

We have the expertise to host applications on a fully managed, scalable and highly available application platform in an Azure or hybrid cloud, on which organizations can develop and test their applications.

Gold Security Partner

We meet the latest security & compliance requirements and are fully equipped to help customers defend against cyber threats, implement identity and access management, and comply with laws and regulations.

Gold Collaboration and Content Partner

We are able to deliver industry-leading SharePoint solutions that help companies share, collaborate and improve productivity.

Gold Datacenter partner

We can run applications and data in the Solvinity cloud and / or in Azure. In this way we create freedom of choice and the possibility to move to a (more) Azure public cloud at your own pace.

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Gold Cloud Platform Partner

We have the required competencies in building, integrating and managing infrastructure solutions on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

Gold Application Integration Partner

We have a high level of expertise in application integration and business process automation to increase productivity.

Gold Cloud Productivity Partner

We provide exceptional expertise in Azure, Office365 and other Microsoft Services.

Our Solvineers have the knowledge and expertise to:

  • help you migrate to the Azure cloud efficiently;
  • organise your Azure environment relative to size, which means you don’t pay for what you don’t use;
  • establish a well-protected environment by our Security by Design principles;
  • advise you on the scale and model of the databases used;
  • keep your systems healthy in terms of availability and performance, through proactive monitoring, trend monitoring and reporting;
  •  in case something goes wrong, our Solvineers resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

A carefree migration to Azure with Solvinity

To keep our promise and provide you with a hassle-free migration to Azure, we offer you the following guarantees:
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One dedicated Customer Engineering team. A fixed point of contact and a mix of specialists ensures you that everything for your organization is handled with utmost expertise..

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A single invoice for all cloud services that you purchase. It allows you to have insight into costs at any given moment and boosts improved cost control.

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One Service Level Agreement for all services. Internal resources are, therefore, better utilized and more efficient IT management becomes possible.


A super-fast, secure connection for the hybrid cloud

In case you work with the hybrid cloud, the collaboration with Solvinity present you with another advantage: Solvinity Public Cloud Connect. 

Through this service, we ensure a secure, redundant and controlled connection between the Solvinity Cloud and Microsoft Azure. For example, because data runs directly between the data centres of Solvinity and that of Microsoft Azure. As a result, our Solvinity Public Cloud Connect provides a more reliable and faster connection than a traditional VPN connection through the Microsoft ExpressRoute.

Make the switch with our
Cloud Transition Framework

A partnership with Solvinity means thorough preparation with our Cloud Transition Framework, a proven methodology through which we determine what your ideal cloud journey will look like.

We do this by looking at your business objectives and mapping your entire IT stack. We draft a roadmap for each environment and validate the business case with a Proof of Concept.

That is how we prepare for an optimal transition, limiting risks, unwanted surprises and ad hoc decisions during the implementation process.

Meer weten over Microsoft Azure?

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