Nancy Roos-Beukers CCO
30 April 2021

Targeted innovation through solid market knowledge

Cloud knowledge is essential for a Secure Managed Service Provider. However, in order to effectively convert technological innovation into value in the longer term, knowledge of the market is just as important.

What do you need for a successful cloud strategy? Technological knowledge is obvious. In recent years, our Solvineers have continuously expanded their knowledge of the cloud. Solvinity is uniquely positioned to advise customers on all the benefits of public and private clouds, while ensuring that new solutions are secure and give full control over the new IT landscape.

But good cloud advice is about more than just technology. The cloud is not just there to solve existing problems and realise known benefits, such as scalability, flexibility and pay-per-use. A good cloud strategy looks ahead. In order to be able to advise on this properly, Solvinity consciously invests in market knowledge.

Targeted advice in a changing world

Solvinity employs a clear market segmentation. Our advice and solutions are particularly useful for public authorities, financial service providers, business service providers and software developers (Independent Software Vendors or ISVs). This segmentation has everything to do with our strength in the field of security and control. We offer the certainty that our solutions are ‘secure by design‘, and therefore offer basic security as standard, which according to the Cyber Security Council, the NCSC and the NCTV is still lacking in many Dutch organisations. We also develop intelligent solutions that enable agile working, even when an important part of the IT landscape is outsourced.

At the same time, there is a lot going on within these market segments. We are all facing a changing world. COVID-19 has had major consequences for the way we work. Almost every organisation is attempting to accelerate a digital transformation in order to be better prepared for change and disruption. However, each market segment also has specific challenges that can affect any transition currently underway.

“A good cloud strategy looks ahead. In order to be able to advise on this properly, Solvinity consciously invests in market knowledge.”

Each market segment faces specific challenges

Municipalities will, for example, have to deal with the new Environmental Act, which will be introduced on 1 January 2022. This Act is supposed to make it considerably easier to initiate spatial projects, but it has major implications for the way municipalities deal with their data, processes and services.

The financial world, in turn, is on the eve of a new Pension Act, which should make our pension system more transparent and personalised. If the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament approve the government’s corresponding bill, pension funds and insurers will have to work hard to adjust their (administration) systems by 1 January 2022.

Business services are now looking closely at new revenue models. From new creative start-ups to the platform economy: waves of new technological opportunities can change your competitive position drastically. Simply continuing to do what you have been successful with in the past has become a highly risky strategy.

Independent Software Vendors are currently busy finding the right balance between customer wishes, the capabilities of their own team and the demands of the market. The software landscape is ‘SaaS-ifying’: customers expect to purchase solutions as a service. Agile working is accelerating many ISVs’ business, but also raises questions. For example, what happens to DevOps if you outsource your Operations because you do not regard it as a core task, but do want to keep Development in-house? What does that mean for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)?

“Society as a whole is faced with changing business models. And the question of which part of your IT to outsource is relevant to all organisations.”

Market knowledge for a future-oriented strategy

There are many more examples of market-specific challenges that can have a major impact on an organisation’s digital transformation. Simply copying an existing situation to the cloud is not a wise strategy if the market is simultaneously evolving towards completely different business models.

Solvinity invests in market knowledge and competences to provide specific, future-oriented advice. This has direct benefits for the market segments we focus on, but also for our customer portfolio as a whole. After all, all sectors are faced with developments that have repercussions on other sectors as well. The changing pension system ultimately concerns everyone. Society as a whole is faced with changing business models. And the question of which part of your IT to outsource is relevant to all organisations.

Almost all organisations are searching for the best way to prepare for a digital future. It is not only about the intelligent use of technology, but also about the way in which technology affects operations. Those who are now about to make the transition to the cloud would be well advised to do so with a partner who takes the developments in the market into account when implementing technology.

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