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The Qurrent case - "from energy supplier to data company"

"5 wishes of ambitious organisations"

Every IT manager has moments they wish that all their staff had five arms and six brains. The demands on IT nowadays places enormous burdens on IT departments. Many companies are looking into the option of having an external partner to meet their needs. In a nutshell, the thing that an increasingly number of organisations want is:

  • To outsource IT management
  • High availability - high reliability
  • Internal focus on core tasks and innovation
  • Room for digital transformation
  • Optimal cooperation between the business and IT


CASE STUDY - From energy supplier to data company

Qurrent is an ambitious energy supplier, aiming to grow from 125,000 customers to half a million in four years’ time. The company wanted to achieve that goal by streamlining the internal organisation as much as possible, so that clean and green energy could remain affordable and attractive in a larger organisation as well. In addition, Qurrent wanted to search for new ways to serve customers as well as possible by making intelligent use of data analysis.

High expectations

High ambitions can only be realised if the supporting IT service is flexible and optimally organised. The existing solutions turned out to be insufficient for their purpose, so Qurrent started looking for a partner that could deliver extremely reliable IT services, enabling their internal IT department to fully concentrate on core tasks and innovation. It turned out not to be that simple to find an IT partner that was large and dependable enough to guarantee the quality Qurrent required, but which at the same time was flexible enough to be able to imagine the inner workings of a still relatively small but ambitious organisation.

Proactive advice

Following a few good discussions with Solvinity, Qurrent realised that the demands of their organisation went further than a simple hosting matter alone. System optimisation, moving to the cloud - Qurrent’s IT department appeared to have hardly any room to pursue the innovation that the company was so eager to see. For this reason, Solvinity proposed a hybrid cloud solution, in which Qurrent hardly had to do anything in terms of IT management. Essential to this model is the close cooperation between Qurrent’s IT department and Solvinity’s management team.

Excellent results

The transition to the smoothly-operating Solvinity platform turned out to be an immediate hit. In addition to an extremely reliable solution and good collaboration between both teams, the company now also has a better grip on IT. The collaboration with Solvinity gives Qurrent more insight into the internal processes, making it easier for the company to live up to its own quality demands. Reliability has greatly improved, customer service is working more efficiently, and the recent doubling of the number of customers didn't cause any problems thanks to the new scalability.

Read this case study about Qurrent’s transition to future-oriented IT and how good communication and collaboration between Qurrent and Solvinity ensured that this energy supplier realised its growth ambitions.

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