How an organisation becomes even more efficient with IT Outsourcing

Sustainable energy supplier Qurrent has a broad focus which is spread over innovation, business intelligence and operational excellence. As they did not consider the management of their IT systems to be a core task, they were looking for a partner who did. Furthermore, a partner who could also prepare the organisation for the high and irregular demand for computing power for Big Data initiatives. A partner like Solvinity.

Innovation for the long term

Sustainable energy supplier Qurrent works with a mission: to sell energy, but preferably as little as possible. They prefer to spend their time informing their customers about energy saving, insulation and educate people about generating their electricity. Or they enthuse their customers regarding new projects, such as the construction and implementation of wind and solar parks. The company collects data via the Qbox, their smart energy monitor, and uses this data to advise better and serve their customers.

When you happen to be a green energy supplier, energy is a strange product: once you sell more, it is good cash but damages the environment. That is why Qurrent’s products are limited to the sale of gas and electricity at the purchase price. They only earn from the standing charge paid by each user. To keep an efficient organisation, despite low income, as many processes as possible had to be maximally automated. Qurrent also sought to quadruple the number of customers, which is proof of their commitment to innovation, business intelligence and operational excellence.

IT Outsourcing, Hybrid Cloud and Managed Application Services

Since the energy company did not consider the management of IT systems to be a core task, they were looking for a partner who did. A partner who could also optimise the organisation for the high, but changing demand for computing power that is characteristic of Big Data initiatives. Finally, Qurrent ended up signing a fruitful collaboration with Solvinity.

“In Solvinity, we have found a cooperation partner that thinks strategically.”
Denis Slieker
Former director of Qurrent

Complete Outsourcing of
IT Management

Qurrent chose Solvinity as a strategic partner. Although Qurrent first came to Solvinity a hosting request supporting the higher purpose of improved data exchange between applications, it soon became clear that the request happened to be much higher than that. From system optimisation to the switch to the cloud: it turned out that their own IT department hardly had any knowledge and tools for the innovation they had in mind.

Solvinity, therefore, recommended a hybrid Cloud solution, according to which Qurrent hardly had to add any actions. Consequently, this solution was tailored to communication, clear documents and proactive solutions and ideas.

Our solution:

  • Solvinity transferred the entire IT environment to the Solvinity Private Cloud to take over complete management
  • A partial migration to Microsoft Azure Pack to enable new IoT and BI initiatives
  • Proper design of the infrastructure, storage and computer platforms to increase the availability
  • Cloud Workshops to map the new SaaS and PaaS services and strengthen Qurrent’s business
  • Cloud and Solvinity ISO14001 certification to support Qurrent’s CSR objective
  • Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration to achieve optimal cooperation between Qurrent and Solvinity and deliver an accelerated time-to-market

The results

Thanks to Qurrent outsourcing its IT to Solvinity, control over IT has been regained. That gave them more insight into internal processes, which made it easier for them to meet their set quality requirements. Moreover, the switch to a significant supplier has improved clarity and guaranteed quality. They have learned to no longer follow the issues of the day. Instead, they plan things, document plans and to efficiently communicate at all levels. Other results: 

A reliable platform with close to 100% uptime
A Hybrid Cloud Solution providing Qurrent with more flexibility and scalability than ever before
Faster customer service through a new set-up of the databases and performance optimisation while the number of customers has since doubled
Improved communication, both internally and externally and from strategic to operational level
Optimal cooperation

Download the full Qurrent case study

From energy supplier to data company

Read more about the transition of Qurrent to a future proof IT environment, and good communication and a great collaboration helped Qurrent to achieve their growth ambitions.
Download the full Qurrent case study

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