25 June 2020

MEB transfers IT management to Solvinity

AMSTERDAM, June 22, 2020 – Solvinity, supplier of Secure Managed IT Services, is set to take over the IT management of the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB). Solvinity will supervise the transition of the IT infrastructure of the MEB to the Government Data Center (ODC Amsterdam) and will take on responsibility for the management of the digital working environment. The MEB in Utrecht will retain full control. Partner Call2, under supervision of Solvinity, will provide first-line support for the working environment.

As an independent authority, the Medicines Evaluation Board regulates the quality, effect and safety of medicines. “Anyone using medicine in the Netherlands relies on it”, says Joris Kampmeijer, CIO at the MEB. “That is why we evaluate medicines to determine whether they are allowed to come on to the market, we monitor the side effects and risks and we encourage the correct use of medicines: that is the core of our activity”.

“We wanted to outsource in order to be able to innovate.”
Joris Kampmeijer
CIO at the MEB

In order to properly fulfil its social mission, the MEB wants to be able to innovate quickly and flexibly. In 2016, the organisation therefore decided that developing all infrastructure in-house was no longer efficient. “We wanted to outsource in order to be able to innovate”, says Kampmeijer. The MEB wanted domestic data centres and stipulated as a condition that it could continue to control its IT even after outsourcing. In addition, the partner needed to be able to guarantee full compliance with the Government Information Security Baseline (BIR) by the MEB.

Hans van den Broek, CEO of Solvinity, is proud that his organisation was chosen to carry out this assignment. “It is good to know that we are capable of submitting the best offer in terms of security, quality and price. But I am especially happy with the fact that the MEB regards us as a good partner for the long term”. The MEB wants to operate in a future-proof manner and is therefore looking for a combination of proven, but state of the art technology, with the flexibility to continue innovating. “That is a combination in which we want to excel,” says Van den Broek.

The agreement has since been signed. In the coming weeks, Solvinity will first go through an inventory and validation phase with the MEB in order to detail all wishes, requirements and expectations. Subsequently, the entire IT infrastructure of the MEB, including data, applications and the working environment, will be housed in ODC Amsterdam by 1 December 2020, after which Solvinity will manage the environment under the direction of the MEB.

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