23 April 2019

Security & control thanks to ‘Stretched DevOps’

Solvinity CI/CD used for web services of the Dutch police

Amsterdam, 23th april 2019 – Solvinity offers a safe and manageable cloud solution for the web applications of the Dutch police. The police develops applications for civilians, chain partners and employees. The operational part is taken care of by Solvinity in a ‘Stretched DevOps’ cooperation, which places the emphasis on security and control.

DevOps is a modern way to enable optimum cooperation between software developers (Developers) and administrators (Operations). What is unique about the Stretched DevOps method, developed by Solvinity for this cooperation, is that the police’s development team and the Solvinity administrators work together on site as one team. This way, both parties closely cooperate from the start and knowledge is exchanged quickly, enabling efficient integration between Development and Operations and a service that is continuously optimised.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and container technology are used to structure the new environment for the police’s Web Application Hosting services (WAH services). CI/CD allows application developers to adjust their software code in a quicker and more controlled way. The combination with container technology and the Stretched DevOps cooperation gives both teams maximum control over the development process, resulting in the quick, safe and efficient integration of new developments and functionalities in the police’s web services.

In order to make the success of this cooperation measurable, Solvinity is supplementing the usual SLA (Service Level Agreement) with an Experience Level Agreement (XLA). With this, the emphasis is on measuring a better user experience, both for the police developers and for the users of the services developed through this cooperation.

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