10 April 2024

Solvinity appointed as Premier Partner VMware Broadcom

Following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, Solvinity has been appointed as a Premier Partner. This means that we will continue to provide our customers with advanced VMware solutions. VMware software is a crucial component of Solvinity’s private cloud services for businesses and organizations requiring high levels of security and compliance.

The Premier Partner status enables Solvinity to serve its customers now and in the future with the best possible technology for secure private, hybrid, and public cloud environments. Additionally, with the Premier Partner status, Solvinity can offer Managed IaaS solutions in a “White Label” model for organizations seeking to deploy a secure managed private cloud platform based on VMware technology to serve their customers.

More information?

For more information about the possibilities, please contact us at 020 364 36 00 or info@solvinity.com.

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