21 February 2023

Unique SOC 1 & 2 service on private and Azure cloud management continued for the third year

We proudly announce the successful completion of the KPMG SOC (System and Organization Controls) 1 & 2® audit. We achieved these reports for the third consecutive year not only for our private cloud environment, but also on the management of the Azure public cloud customer environments. With this achievement, Solvinity is the first Dutch IT service provider to have the Azure management within the scope of SOC 1 & 2® audits for three consecutive years. 

The rigorous audit process includes thorough tests and comprehensive system controls over the entire year. It has already been among Solvinity’s priorities for more than a decade. The scope was expanded since 2020 to public cloud management in Azure. Despite the difficulties during the pandemic, Solvinity could demonstrate its commitment to compliance and secure data management. In the Netherlands, this is a unique service that demonstrates that Solvinity can maintain the same high-quality standards in every environment.   

The assurance of the managed Azure environment is crucial for organisations with high compliance requirements that want to use the public cloud without compromising security or compliance. Martin Maas, Solvinity’s CISO, emphasises the importance of these standards for their customers, such as banks, insurers and government organisations that are responsible for their customer data, but have outsourced the cloud management to Solvinity. 

"By using our SOC 2® report services, our customers can demonstrate that the Solvinity-managed IT platforms, and related processes, meet the high compliance requirements of their regulator, while considerably saving on audit activities and costs."​
Martin Maas
CISO, Solvinity

The completion of these audits assures Solvinity’s customers not only of the fact that their data is in good hands, but also demonstrates that Solvinity is capable of applying the same high-quality standards in every environment, whether it regards a traditional on-premises or hybrid cloud.

For companies that want to achieve an SOC 2® assurance themselves, it requires a significant investment in time, money and expertise. Solvinity customers can obtain an SOC 2® Compliance Assurance report for their Solvinity-managed IT environment.

SOC® compliance is a continuous process that Solvinity pursues throughout the entire year in order to safeguard their customers’ confidence in the secure management of their data. 

To learn more about the SOC 1 & 2® cloud audit process at Solvinity, read this case or listen to the podcast.

Save on your SOC 2 tasks?

Are you a Solvinity customer and do your auditors
require proof of SOC 2 compliance from your IT service provider?

Then let us help you with our SOC 2® Compliance Assurance report! This way, you reduce your audit testing and save costs and effort for the audit.  

Please contact Solvinity through your account manager or customer service manager, call (020) 364 3600 or send an email to info@solvinity.com 

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