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Private, Public and Hybrid cloud

Private, Public and Hybrid cloud

To us, the cloud is business as usual

You want to take your organization to the cloud. But what does that really mean? Depending on your needs you can choose for a private, public or hybrid cloud solution to host your applications. If you work with sensitive information like personnel files, healthcare information or other data that requires a high level of security and compliancy, a private cloud could be your best option. But you can also choose to host your email application in a public cloud. In most cases, a combination is ideal: that’s what a hybrid cloud is all about. It’s a solution that’s been on the rise and that we've got the right answers for depending on your needs.

Private cloud

Our own platform. A network of five solid data centers in the Netherlands. The biggest advantage of the private cloud is that we have complete control of the IT environment, from security levels to technical design and management. We set up the server’s capacity in the most efficient way, potentially saving you a lot of money. Also, security is top-notch and compliancy standards are met. 

Public cloud

You can host and manage part of your data in a public cloud, something you probably already do at home. But for large (corporate) organizations, it’s more complicated. You’ll have to deal with compliance and risk issues. How secure is your information? We help you find solutions with partners who meet the standards of all the right certifications. 

Hybrid cloud

Gartner predicts that half of all organizations will implement a hybrid infrastructure in the coming years. A logical development, as this will provide you with the best of both worlds. We thought up a hybrid construction for ANP, the Dutch press agency, in order to make their extremely sizable image archive flexible, scalable and manageable. Read the case study, and of course we're happy to tell you more about it.

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